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The Proposal

  |   By Stephanie Gray

Would you propose to your man? Sandra Bullock pops the question to Ryan Reynolds in this rom-com about a boss who forces her younger assistant to marry her in order to avoid being deported back to Canada. Hardly realistic, but definitely puts a fun new spin on the genre. Last night I had the opportunity for a sneak peek (the movie hits theatres June 19) with my good friend Ashley and we were both laughing out loud.


The Proposal

Ryan Reynolds, as per usual, was very easy to watch and totally funny (check him out in Just Friends for a comedic preview). Part of the film takes place in Alaska and all I could think about was what a romantic honeymoon destination it would be—snuggling by the fire with breathtaking mountain views, crisp nature walks and sunset ocean sails. Sign me up! While the movie isn't brimming with wedding ideas, it will be a worthwhile break to take with your girls. I think laughing is such a great stress reliever. In fact, you and five of your girls can win a chance to get a sneak peek at the film (June 17) with our Movie Night: The Proposal Contest. Enter now! And if you do check out the film, tell me what you think.

This article was originally published on Jun 05, 2009

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