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The Perfect Makeup For Micro-Weddings

  |  By Robert Weir

Photo courtesy of Romona Keveza New York.

As we know, small will continue to be big for 2021 weddings with celebrations on track to continue to be intimate affairs. Smaller weddings allow you to really amp up your wedding day details and take extra care to make sure every part of it is perfection, right down to your beauty look. Your makeup for your intimate wedding day should absolutely reflect the scale and scope of your celebration. Here are five tips to consider when it comes to creating your dream beauty vibe.

1. Book A Professional
Rules and restrictions are ever-changing right now, but if you can, do book a professional makeup artist who will absolutely elevate your wedding day look. A pro knows all the little tips and tricks to flawless makeup from ensuring it lasts to giving you a lit-from-within glow. On your day you want to feel special, your pro will ensure that!

2. It’s All About The Details
Smaller weddings mean a more intimate setting. Big statements like large smokey eye, overdrawn lips, large lashes and harsh contour don’t have the prettiest effect up close. A softer more detailed makeup look is a better way to go—every eyebrow and eyelash should be expertly groomed (and not over styled!).

3. Keep Your Skin Fresh
I think this is true even for larger weddings—your skin should not look overly made up, ever! This is even more important for smaller, outdoor weddings where the lighting will be soft and natural. Take great care of your skin leading up to your day (now is the time for all the masks, serums and facial oils!).

4. Go Waterproof
The small smudges and smears are more obvious in a smaller crowd. Insist your makeup artist use waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I also suggest a setting spray for the whole face. it will keep you looking fresh and fabulous until your last guest heads home.

5 Remember To Touchup
This is so important throughout your wedding day and your artist can put together a kit for you of essentials. You will need a lip balm, lipstick, lip liner, pressed powder and blotting papers—these are essentials I recommend to all my clients.

Robert Weir has been a makeup artist for twenty years and his work has graced the pages of internationally renowned magazines including Vogue Arabia, Vogue Italia, Vman, Purple Magazine, Nylon and  The Globe and Mail. His celebrity client range includes Nelly Furtado, Saint Vincent, Tessa and Anna Wintour.


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