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Fashion & Beauty

The One Beauty Product All Brides Should Be Using

  |   By Alison McGill

What's the one skincare essential every bride should invest in? We bet this one might surprise you: facial oils. For glowing, gorgeous, hydrated, photographic, high-definition skin, this product is your secret weapon. Using the right oils for your skin type can target virtually every imaginable skin sin, from dryness to acne. Full disclosure—we didn’t initially know a lot about this beauty wonder and thought applying oil to your skin could only lead to problems. Not so! We spoke to the Canadian guru of facial oils Mikayla Tran from Toronto-based brand Poetic Blend to get the scoop on why these products should be an essential part of your beauty regime.

They are the secret weapon for amazing skin. “Our skin naturally produces a lot of oil from a very young age,” Tran shares. “As we age, the supply depletes and oil production slows down; consequently, skin loses its natural, youthful glow. Beauty oils help to deposit the oils back into the skin, promoting a healthy lipid barrier quicker than a traditional moisturizing cream. This means your skin is instantly rewarded with a youthful, natural and radiant glow and the high concentration of natural ingredients found in beauty oils help your skin retain more moisture and prevent dehydration. I recommend using facial oils morning and night as a moisturizer. Apply on clean skin and warm a few drops in your hand then rub all over your face. If you do want to apply moisturizer as well, wait until the oil has absorbed.”

Applying oils to your skin can actually help control oil production! Don’t believe the hype that adding oil to your skin creates more oil and breakouts. “All skin types from oily to dry and combination benefit from facial oils,” Tran says. “Whether you have oily, dry or even combination skin, incorporating oil into your daily skincare routine could actually be a complete game changer. When you use cleansers or even mattifyers to try and control shine, you are stripping the skin of its natural oils and trigger it into thinking it needs to produce more oil. This causes clogged pores and breakouts. You may have to experiment with finding the right blend to suit your skin’s needs but once you do, you’ll find yourself wondering how you’ve ever lived without it.”

Do your research before investing in facial oils. Tran's line Poetic Blend (which features three different oils to target a range of skin concerns) is all-natural and plant-based—she believes these are the best for the skin. The best beauty oils are specially formulated with pure, plant-based elements with a fast absorption rate, preventing any unwanted greasy residue. “Natural oils are supercharged with highly nutritive ingredients," Tran explains. "They're brimming with antioxidants, vitamins and excellent hydrating properties delivering unmatched moisture and naturally, glowing skin.”

This article was originally published on Jan 22, 2016

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