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The Must-Have Wedding Day Manicures Of the Moment

  |  By Alison McGill

Nails by Rita Remark/Essie for Lela Rose.

All eyes (and cameras) are on your hands-on wedding day so having a the ultimate mani is key. We spoke with Rita Remark, Essie's global lead educator, for intel on what is haute for nails now and how you can DIY perfect wedding days nails at home.

What are the top three nails trends you are loving for brides?
“I have a few amazing ones that are bridal-perfect! First off, appliqués. Jewels, studs, beads and even piercings were seen on the runway this season and while they were pretty over-the-top on the runway, they can also be refined into something a bit more delicate and charming for a bridal manicure. For Lela Rose, I added three square gems to the moon of two nails (one on each hand). It added a bit of decadence to an otherwise clean and pretty manicure - perfect for adding a bit “extra” on the wedding day. Gold is another top trend and it doesn’t have to feel glam or flashy. You can actually add a fine tip of gold to your nails or adorn your neutral manicure with a few gold flakes. And lastly the French manicure. This is actually a classic bridal nail look, so it barely has to be translated. I would recommend, however, to update the classic with a soft pink or an off white (or even pearly white) tip.”

Tie dye nails are everywhere, and we love them! How can they be bridalized?
“If you ask me, almost anything can be bridalized—it just depends on the bride. It’s good to remember just like any technique, like ombre or watercolouring, the tie dye technique can be wild or soft and demure, it all depends on the colours you choose. You can do a soft tie dye mani with a white base and silver or pink overtop for a subtle texture on your nails.”

Some brides simply want a neutral nail, but maybe with a slight twist…what tones do you recommend?
“I’d avoid anything too beige or muddy because, though these colours can feel beachy on a normal day, they tend to look drab next to a white or ivory gown. I’d reach for colours with a pink or ivory undertone. They’re universally flattering and, if you want to dress is up a bit, try a colour with a subtle effect like pearl or shimmer—I love Essie Satin Slippers. Alternatively, a soft lilac grey is a unique but surprisingly soft and current bridal colour. Try Essie Make The Cut or Between The Seats.”

At home manicures are very now, how can you produce a salon quality one?
“The basic steps for an at-home manicure are: trim (if necessary), file and shape, push cuticles, buff the nail lightly, trim any hangnails or dry cuticles, cleanse the nail then apply base coat, colour and topcoat. Once dry, apply cuticle oil and lotion. To do a salon quality job, you need the right tools of course and every at-home nail kit should have these essentials: nail file and buffer, cuticle nipper, nail clippers, cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick, acetone and polish remover, hand lotion, cuticle oil, base and top coat. To elevate your at-home mani experience, include a hand exfoliation with a mild hand exfoliant followed by a hand mask before polishing. If you don’t have either of these products at home, make your own by mixing brown sugar and coconut oil for an easy exfoliant and for the mask, liberally apply your favourite hand lotion, wrap your hands in plastic or cellophane and then rest them in hot towels for five minutes. Your hands will be baby soft!


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