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Fashion & Beauty

The Dress

  |  By Alison Westlake

Photography courtesy Melissa Sweet.

Choosing a dress is the fun part and the slightly stress-inducing part. As a girl I dreamt of my wedding day. I had the best of both worlds growing up on a farm outside of Belleville and spending summers and weekends with my dad in Toronto. I leaned more towards the city life back then and probably thought a wedding at the top of one of the many lavish hotels would have been fabulous. In my early and some what jaded twenties I rejected the idea of marriage altogether, spouting off about how it's just a piece of paper blah blah blah and so the dreams faded but now that I've found my lobster (who by the way mate for life) and have felt healthy in love, this very down to earth idea of what marriage is and what this day means for us has emerged.

When I think of the overall feel or theme, it's romantic and relaxed. It's bright and charming with sap buckets filled with wild flowers from the farm, vintage table cloths and milk glass centrepieces. Tyler is pretty indifferent thank goodness, but I don't make any decisions without knowing he likes the idea too. We want to surround ourselves with things that are relevant to us and that make us feel good. And so, the dress too has to actually feel like me.  There are some pretty incredible gowns out there but I'm not connecting to many of them. If I found something I liked and it was $75 I'd be over the moon. The problem is, I've seen the one, and thanks to my dad I have expensive taste but thanks to mum I can be grossly practical, so basically I'm a basketcase talking myself in and out of expensive purchases. 

The dress I've fallen for is a quarter of our entire wedding budget! What is a gal to do? It's only one day but I'm only ever going to do this once. The dress is the glue and I'd rather be using super adhesive Krazy over the gummy white stuff I used to eat in Grade 3 that barely adhered paper to paper. Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on the dress? Does anyone else feel this way? And what if I commit to early? We still have 11 months ahead!

{Delphine Manivet}

And breathe. Okay, so apparently I've been feeling a little anxiety on this issue. The fact remains that whatever frock I don on the day is sure to be lovely. I think the key here is choose something I feel good in. We are always going to have regrets, one of my favourite outfits in Grade 9 was purple dress pants with a bright orange top and then my grunge phase hit, a brown plaid button down for six weeks straight -- thanks Eddie Vedder. I can't change those wardrobe mishaps but rather learn from them and next time I feel like being adventurous I'll do it on laundry day and not on the day I say "I do."

A song to get all those 90's, flannel wearin' kids up on the dance floor. Click here!

Included are a few of my favourite designers.

{Sarah Seven}

This article was originally published on Sep 30, 2010

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