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The Canadian Brand To Know For Unique, Dazzling Engagement Rings

  |  By Alison McGill
The Canadian Brand To Know For Unique, Dazzling Engagement Rings

The bluboho Under The Nights Sky Rigel one-of-a kind green gold sapphire engagement ring. All photos courtesy of bluboho.

If you want a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that is uniquely yours, bluboho is where you will find it. This Canadian brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020 and is loved by women looking to create a highly personal style story with their jewellery. Bluboho engagement rings feature an array of creative and inspiring designs and gemstone choices—all ethically sourced—including diamonds, morganite, emeralds and sapphires for which they are renowned for. They offer a stunning range of sapphire shades from deep blue to aquamarine, green and yellow.

We recently caught up with to bluboho owner Maggie Aurocco to talk about engagement season, pandemic proposals and the company’s latest dazzling designs.

Who is the bluboho bride?
Our bluboho beloved collection is for the savvy woman with a keen sense of worldliness, adventure and deep connection to the earth and those around her. She isn’t swayed by trends and doesn’t buy into fast fashion. She has an appreciation for materials, and artistry. Our brides desire a piece unlike anything she can find elsewhere–an experience and a ring as distinctive as she is. Our bride also cares deeply about the planet, her community, and her values, and her ring reflects this”

 What are you seeing as the trends for 2021?
There continues to be a strong trend toward yellow gold rings set with unique cuts and one-of-a-kind stones. Alternative stones, including sapphires are a very strong undercurrent right now. Stacking different bands to create a bridal suite is the ultimate goal for the contemporary bride—we see many brides continuing to mark moments and add to their stacks as the years go by. . We have been seeing most brides stack a minimum of three rings with some stacking as many as five rings or more. It’s really inspiring to see how people build their moments into a collection on their hands to cherish. We believe life’s moments are a legacy, and we exist to ensure they live on.” 

Let’s talk bluboho sapphires and what makes them unique and an inspired option for an engagement stone?
Sapphires are an amazing choice for an engagement ring. They are the next hardness level on the Moh scale, after a diamond, which makes them a strong and robust option for an everyday ring like an engagement ring. We source our sapphires from Montana, which is a truly ethical option in an age where this is a big consideration for many brides. In our bespoke collections, each sapphire we work with has a unique hue and cut that can never be duplicated–we design each ring around the sapphire, making each ring a work of art.” 

How can couples shop for rings in a pandemic landscape?
“Our engagement rings have been so popular throughout the pandemic! People are still wanting to celebrate love and joy— getting engaged is such a beautiful way to celebrate. We have been working with our couples in various ways: virtual appointments have been an amazing way for us to connect with couples. We have literally sold engagement rings through DM on Instagram, Facetime calls, text message and of course, in our stores (when we can be open).

Let's talk budget: what are some affordable options for rings in the portfolio and what can someone expect to spend at a top end price point?
“We have alternative stone engagement rings that start at $1,998. Sapphire rings and one of a kind sapphire rings start around $3,500, with a lot of options in the $3,500 to $8,000 mark. Depending on the size and quality of the stone, prices go up from there—we truly have something for all budgets.”

This article was originally published on Dec 14, 2020

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