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The Biggest Bridal Hair Dos and Don’ts

  |  By Tony Masciangelo

Justin Alexander Signature Fall 2021

This is not a story about wedding hair styles and what’s in and what’s out, but rather one focused on how to navigate your beauty planning and create a workback plan to deliver the bridal hair of your wedding dreams. In my years in the salon industry, I have worked with many, MANY brides and can assure you though this advice sounds pretty simplistic, it is absolutely critical to ensure your mane event is a success!

Do book your trial and wedding day appointment at least six months in advance. This gives you an opportunity to discuss ideas with your stylist while you’re getting your regular services done.

Do plan your bridal hair goals. You should be thinking well ahead if your hair is shorter and you want a bit of length to create an updo.

Do keep your stylist looped in on your bridal vibe. Once you have the dress, the accessories, the jewels, the shoes, share all the info so you can both create an incredible look that works synergistically.

Do expect to pay a deposit on appointments, Most salons & beauty on-the-go services will require 50% payment to hold your bridal related appointments. This guarantees your time is booked for you.

Don’t book in with a stylist you don’t know well. Beautiful hair is mostly made by people who truly understand the person they’re working on.

Don’t change your haircut drastically leading up to your wedding day. It never grows back as quickly as one would like. Be careful with trying bangs or too many layers if it’s not something you’re used to. It will drastically change your options when thinking wedding hair.

Don’t experiment with your colour either! Correcting colour takes time and is incredibly hard on your hair. Play it safe up to a year in advance.  Your colour will definitely affect how you feel about yourself and on your wedding day it needs to be absolutely on point!

Don’t overthink it! Work with your stylist to find an easy, unfussy style. The best wedding hair is not overworked and almost a more dressed, glamourous version of everyday you!

Tony Masciangelo is a hairstylist and co-owner of Alcorn Hair. He’s also a regular on-set contributor with Weddingbells.


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