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The Best Quick Fixes To Get Your Skin Wedding-Ready

  |  By Jen O'Brien
The Best Quick Fixes To Get Your Skin Wedding-Ready

With everything else that's on your plate in the lead up to the big day, getting your skin in top shape has probably fallen to the bottom of your to-do list. Not to fear though, even if you're getting married in the next few weeks there's still time to solve any lingering skincare concerns so that your complexion is flawless in your wedding photos.

Thanks to a few miracle products and one skincare treatment, achieving perfect skin in a matter of days has actually never been easier.

We sat down with Leala McInerney, senior educator at The International Dermal Institute in Toronto, and asked her to share her favourite quick (yet extremely transformative) skincare fixes with us.

Get A Super-Charged Facial Want visible results instantly with no down time? Proceed directly to a Dermalogica spa for a 45-minute IonActive Power Treatment. "This is absolutely the strongest system we've been able to launch in Canada," says McInerney. This next-level facial is customized based on each individual's skincare needs. "We can target aging, oily skin and acne, dehydrated skin and pigmented skin," she explains. "With this new treatment we're adding the power of touch, the power of technology and really advanced ingredients. This is definitely for people with more stubborn, challenging skin concerns and it's also for people who want to target something very quickly. You can even get this treatment done in the week before your wedding."

Exfoliate "Exfoliating is one of the best things you can do," says McInerney. "It replenishes and rehydrates the tissue and when you have exfoliated skin it's really going to increase luminosity – and every bride is after a luminous glow on her wedding day." McInerney says to avoid strong glycolic acids, which can cause sensitization, and abrasive, gritty drugstore brand exfoliants. Instead opt for a product like Dermalogica's Daily Resurfacer with pre-measured doses of alpha and beta hydroxy acids and enzymes. "There are 35 pouches in one tin so you can use them every single day leading up to your wedding for bright, nourished, hydrated skin on the big day," she adds.

Don't Forget The SPF McInerney also stresses the importance of keeping up with SPF protection in the lead up to your wedding. "A lot of times we hear people say 'Oh, I want to have some nice colour for my wedding' but I've also had people calling saying 'My wedding's in a few days and I have a really bad sunburn! What should I do?' The last thing you want is to be red and peeling during your 'I dos,'" says McInerney.

Do A Masque The Night Before "Even if you've neglected your skin up until the night before your wedding, masquing is one of those options that offers instantaneous results," says McInerney. "Dermalogica's new Charcoal Rescue Masque is actually the perfect product for the night before your wedding," she explains. "It's an all-in-one masque that detoxifies, purifies, brightens and exfoliates the skin all at the same time so skin looks bright and nourished. It also leaves skin nice and clean for great makeup application."

Be Careful With Spot Treatments Expect you might wake up with a huge zit the morning of your wedding? Be prepared with a spot treatment product that's not going to harm your skin. "Look for products that are benzoyl peroxide free," says McInerney. "Benzoyl peroxide is an amazing ingredient but it tends to cause skin to peel and a lot of times people over use it and this can cause scabbing and even scarring."

Invest In An Eye Cream With Caffeine "Eye treatments with caffeine in them will actually help to reduce puffiness around the eye area so even if you're emotional while getting ready in the morning your eyes will stay looking fresh," says McInerney.


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