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Teatro Verde Be Still My Heart

  |  By Roseanne Dela Rosa
Teatro Verde Be Still My Heart

I just got back from the opening of Teatro Verde located in Yorkville. Let me tell you–it was like being in a candy shop. My eyes were all over the place. But after I calmed down a bit, and as I waited for Alison to have her interview with Carson Kressley, I was finally able to make my rounds. Here’s my little round-up.


Teatro Verde Be Still My Heart

First off, the location is smack-dab in the middle of Yorkville, right next to the Hazelton–so not at all hard to find. Upon entrance, I was greeted with a very spacious and beautiful décor set-up (couches on the left, couches on the right, floral station in front) it was so amazing (and there’s also a second floor!).

Okay, so let’s start with their soap station. They had amazing products from Crabtree & Evelyn and one of my faves Fresh! Everything from delicious-smelling soaps (and I mean delicious I wanted one in every single scent) to shampoos and lotions–you’re guaranteed to find a gift for your bridesmaid here.


Btw, I had to take another shot of the station because I realized I forgot to include these lovely pink centrepieces. Aren’t they pretty?


Directly across from the soap area were these cute and fashionable teacups.


On the other side, was a bright orange set-up compromised of beautiful tableware. Registry anyone?


On the next room over (tucked away near the cash area) was a whole wall dedicated to Kate Spade–love the birds, they’re too cute for words.


See what I mean by a whole Kate Spade wall? There on the bottom corner is Alison’s pick for a nice registry gift: Mr. and Mrs. picture frame.


Over to the next area–the flower station–is this fabulous setting (almost makes you feel like you’re at a wedding reception).


Somebody delivered some beautiful orchids congratulating Michael and Shawn (owners of Teatro Verde) for their second store opening. Since these are my fave blossoms I stole a shot and just had to share with you.


Next to the flower station are all these really cool vases. As you noticed, there’s plenty of options to play around with for centrepieces.


I’m a fan of the line Chirp by Lenox and spotted it in the store.


This china piece is Alison’s fave, love the bunnies, and somewhere nearby there’s one with squirrels on it.


There were stacks of books everywhere. This was their main setup area near the stairs (leading up to their second floor).


Okay, onto the second floor. They had such a decorative and comfortable seating area–almost looks like a living room (even better than my own I must say).


If you’re on the second floor, you MUST check out their wall of books (Christian Dior, Wedding Style, High Society). Let’s just say I was at this wall for a really long time.


Back to the first floor, I forgot to look through their wedding card stacks. Jam-packed with creative greetings and thank-you cards for your bridal party.


Oh, and remember those orchids that I took earlier? Well, apparently, within a few minutes one of the owners quickly put them to good use–they have such an amazing eye for detail.


And that concludes my tour of Teatro Verde (there’s so much more that I missed) so if you’re in the hood or in town, it’s definitely worth a check out.

This article was originally published on May 15, 2009

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