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  |   By Michelle Rosen

Summer is finally here and brides everywhere are prepping themselves.  Some of us have embraced the idea that the sun is bad and have given up the tanned look forever, some think that getting married is an excuse to become a tanorexic and over do it completely, but most of us just want a nice healthy glow. The look that says, "Yes I wear my sunscreen, but I still go outside." For lack of a better word, sun-kissed.



Over the years I have tried many a bronzer. Some have way too much shimmer, some are too matte and worse of all some are far too orange.  I might veer off sometimes and try a new one but I always find myself going back to Laguna by NARS.  It has the least amount of orange of any other bronzer and a subtle shimmer that gives just the right amount of glow.  It enhances and evens out your skin tone if you already have a slight tan and if you don't, it creates it. Don't be afraid of a little shimmer, you actually want just enough to help blend the powder into the skin easily.

The trick to applying bronzer is to imagine where the sun would hit your face and where you would tan naturally. It works best if you do a slight smile, or better yet, your mirror face (come on, you know you have one!). Use a good size powder brush to avoid any harsh lines. I like to start on the cheeks and sweep up to the temples.  Then sweep some on the forehead, nose and even your chin. Don't forget to go down the neck and if need be, across the chest.  Remember the word BLEND. Keep sweeping the brush over the face a few times without adding more bronzer onto the brush. If and when you do add more, tap the brush or wipe it onto the back of your hand or a tissue to remove excess powder.  The beauty of Laguna is its sheerness, it allows you to be as subtle as you wish and if you want more colour you can layer.

It might be your favourite lipstick or maybe it's mascara, but everyone has their one make up item they cannot live without. Mine has always been bronzer. In summer I tan easily but wear sunscreen on my face religiously and in winter I am sallow so I just feel complete with it on all year round. If I don't wear foundation I can even out my skin with it and if I don't have blush I can use it on my cheeks. Bronzer keeps me forever sun-kissed!

This article was originally published on Jul 01, 2009

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