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Stella McCartney Launches A Bridal Collection

  |  By Alison McGill

The Meghan Markle royal wedding effect strikes again! Stella McCartney famously designed the Duchess of Sussex’s sexy second wedding dress and it seems it was also a moment of inspiration for the designer to launch her own bridal lineup.

McCartney’s 17-piece “Made With Love” bridal collection has just launched and features a mix of classic Stella styles (sleek, minimalist gowns, an embroidered jumpsuit and a sexy tuxedo are in the stylish mix). Every piece of the collection remains true to McCartney’s commitment to sustainable fashion—all fabrics in the collection, from lace to chiffon, are environmentally-friendly, which definitely sets this bridal collection apart.

McCartney told British Vogue making bridal gowns is something she has been honoured to do in the past for friends (Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow amoungst them) and it’s something she feels passionately about. “I really do see it as one of the biggest privileges as a female designer to know that women come into our stores and buy pieces to wear for the most important day of their lives,” she shares with Vogue. “I think that the house of Stella McCartney represents something a little more effortless, and that’s incredibly reflective of the bride and her personality and what she wants to wear even outside of that important day.”

An extra special design detail we love about the designer’s collection is that each piece has this thoughtfulness stitched into the seams via a blue tag featuring a personal message from McCartney.


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