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State of Mind

  |   By Tara Soloway

A good attitude is the most important ingredient when planning your destination wedding. The saying that “nothing is perfect” stands true to any wedding, but you need to be even more open-minded and realistic when planning your destination wedding.


State of Mind

Here are a few instances to keep in mind: 1) Government warnings. When the Swine Flu bug cancelled all flights to Mexico last month, many wedding groups were affected by this (as May is one of the most popular destination wedding months). Couples who stayed calm shined through as real stars, when they understood that things were going to change, no matter what. We ended up planning and rearranging some amazing weddings in a short time, like Shelly and Ben’s. 2) Hurricanes. One of Mother Nature’s storms that we at LUXE dread. But again, it’s out of everyone’s control. If you can, plan your wedding outside of hurricane season to avoid the risk. If that’s not possible, do what one of our clients did. Go with the flow—one entire group boated in from Isla Holbox in pre-hurricane winds and hosted an inland impromptu wedding at a small inn hosted by a local family! It was a beautiful and memorable story. 3) Flowers out of season. Let’s face it ladies, you might love a particular bloom, but sometimes they are out of season or too hard to ship to your exotic destination. Instead of throwing a tantrum, accept the fact that there are many other beautiful options and embrace those! Be flexible.

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This article was originally published on Jun 18, 2009

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