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Fashion & Beauty

Sole Mates

  |  By Nicole Keen

Gold Versace shoe with yellow sole.

Judging by the overwhelming response to “Red Shoe Diary,” one of my previous entries, I’m not alone in my footwear fixation. Needless to say, another blog on the subject is definitely in order.


Sole Mates

I’ve just been surfing (they now ship to Canada, FYI), and stumbled upon these stunners by Versace. Firstly, I really enjoy gold (or any other metallic) as an alternative to white, and I also like that these shoes are a little bit tough—the perfect counterbalance to a super-girly frock. But let’s be honest, it’s really all about the yellow sole! By now we’re all familiar with Christian Louboutin’s lipstick-red soles, but I’ve never seen yellow before! I say, why not ask your cobbler to paint the bottoms of your wedding shoes yellow, or pink, or blue? There’s nothing like flashing a hint of colour every time you take a step. Looking for another way to personalize your soles? What about a crystal appliqué with your wedding date and initials, or personal messages from your bridesmaids written in permanent ink?

Shoes personalized with crystal details.

Unique, meaningful touches will make your bridal shoes the ultimate fashion keepsake (and they’re much easier to store than the dress!).

Do you have your shoes yet? If so, tell me all about them (and I mean, details!). If not, what are you looking for, and do any of these ideas help?

Red soles signed by Louboutin! Courtesy
This article was originally published on Jun 11, 2009

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