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Smashbox's Lead Artist Gives Her Tips For Long-Lasting Bridal Makeup

  |   By O'Niel Blair

Lori Taylor Davis is the Global Pro Lead Artist for Smashbox cosmetics with a long list of clientele, ranging from brides to models and Hollywood celebs, including Rachelle Lefevre. She expertly creates makeup looks that are both gorgeous and timeless. We chatted with Taylor Davis to get the inside scoop on how to create a classic, beautiful makeup look on your wedding day, her tips for ensuring long-lasting makeup and her secret beauty tip!

Weddingbells: How can a bride ensure her makeup lasts throughout the day? Lori Taylor Davis: "By entrusting their bridal look in the hands of long wear products that are comfortable to wear, and look great in photos."

WB: What are your top five must-have products for every bride? LTD: "The five makeup must-haves for a long wear that will take you through to the last dance at the reception are: Classic Photo Finish Primer, Photo Finish Matte Stick, Always On Liquid Lip, Always Sharp Eye Liner and Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara."

Lori Taylor Davis reveals Timeless Makeup Tips for this Upcoming Season - Lipstick Always-On Liquid Lipstick, $24,

WB: What is the best feature for brides to accentuate? LTD: "Brides should always put their best face forward, which means skin should be perfected as possible without the cakey or heavy foundation look."

WB: What is your favourite bridal beauty look? LTD: "A tried and true classic bridal look is one of my favourites, something where the eyes are lightly enhanced with romantic tones (think Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio in "Double Tap”) paired with a fleshy nude (think lip colour that is slightly darker than your natural lip colour), this creates a cohesive look and will also look amazing in photos."

Lori Taylor Davis reveals Timeless Makeup Tips for this Upcoming Season - Primer Photo-Finish Foundation Primer, $36,

Weddingbells: What are your top three don'ts when it comes it bridal makeup? LTD: "If you’re a newbie to makeup or prefer your makeup look to be super natural sometimes going too far out of your comfort zone can have a disastrous outcome,  enhancing your features and looking like your best bridal self is always a best bet!"

Weddingbells: What is your vision of a perfect bridal beauty look? Lori Taylor Davis: "The best bridal makeup looks great in photos and has a classic feel; be sure to stay clear of super trendy and overly glittery looks!"

Lori Taylor Davis reveals Timeless Makeup Tips for this Upcoming Season - Mascara Full Exposure Mascara, $23,

WB: What is the one beauty trend you see on Instagram that doesn't work for bridal? LTD: "Over exaggerated winged liner, trend colours (black, blue, green) on the lips and the glitter cut crease on the eyes."

WB: Where should a bride look for bridal inspo (e.g. the runway, her friends, etc.)? LTD: I usually have brides check out the latest trends in bridal makeup in bridal magazines like Weddingbells or wedding images on Pinterest.

Lori Taylor Davis reveals Timeless Makeup Tips for this Upcoming Season - Liner Always On Liquid Liner, $22,

WB: What's your secret beauty tip that nobody really knows about? LTD: "Mixing Always On Liquid Lip with the classic foundation primer to tie the lips and cheeks together and to ensure your cheek colour is ultra-long wearing."

This article was originally published on Feb 27, 2019

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