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Fashion & Beauty

Skin Savoir

  |   By Alison McGill

There’s nothing better than a great facial and I hope you have yourself on a regular facial schedule, particularly in the six months leading up to your wedding. It’s one of my favourite spa treatments because a) it’s relaxing; b) it leaves my skin super-clean and looking like I’m not a day over 12.


Skin Savoir

I just had a killer new facial treatment at my local spa and have been following it up with complimentary home care that is, in a word, divine, so of course I need to share my love. Seductage 3D by Bioline is available only in spas and is billed as having a triple effect on your skin: relaxing, volumizing and restructuring. Miracle in a jar—no joke. I’ve been using the line’s Global Antiage Sublime Serum and Sublime Emulsion for about a month and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. It’s super-smooth, plump and generally retexturized. I had a few large pores cropping up on my cheeks I was obsessing about and they’ve now vanished. I must admit my skin is glowing, and others have noticed it too. Seductage 3D is pricey, I’m not going to sugarcoat that fact, but it is concentrated and will last you at least four months if not a little longer. When it comes to great skincare, I am totally an advocate of you get what you pay for and this line is certainly one worth investing in. To find a spa that stocks Seductage 3D in your area visit or e-mail

This article was originally published on Jun 06, 2008

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