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Shoes or Barefoot?

  |   By Tara Soloway

One of the biggest destination wedding debates is whether or not to wear shoes. Are you a barefoot or heels gal? Most ladies I know like shoes a lot, and your wedding is a great time to splurge on a fabulous pair. However, stilettos are not realistic for the beach and traditionally, a barefoot ceremony goes hand in hand with a destination wedding.


Shoes or Barefoot?

Speaking for the ladies, sand and heels don’t mix. Anyone who’s ever walked in the sand in their heels can tell you it’s a yucky feeling when the sand granules get stuck in your shoe. And in hot climates, when your feet might be sweating, the sand sticks to your feet like glue! This goes beyond the beach, as well—garden ceremonies on the grass are also not heel-friendly. I can think back to a cocktail reception I once attended where it rained the previous night and my heels kept getting stuck in the lawn. I couldn’t move around, so I ended up carrying my heels in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other! With Mother Nature in mind, the heels decision should be based on the ceremony and reception location. If shoes are a must, pick a ceremony location not on the beach, or if your dream is the beach with shoes, lay out a sturdy wooden plank and aisle runner. For those going barefoot, consider some foot jewellery to spice things up. Also, if you want your guests barefoot as well, place a bamboo mat or sarong at the foot of the ceremony area and stick up a sign that says "Shoe parking here. Barefoot only." This small touch makes the ceremony even more personalized and intimate. In either case, a great French pedicure will get your feet in tip-top shape for the big day. For more information about Destination Weddings, feel free to drop me a line at

This article was originally published on Mar 19, 2009

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