Shape Shifter

A woman’s wedding dress should take her breath away. And mine does, quite literally. Yes, the miles of matte satin call for a little heart clutching, but when it comes to looking sleek n’ chic on W-day, it’s what lies beneath that really leaves this girl gasping. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first (after all, weren’t corsets best suited for heroines like Miss Scarlet from Gone With The Wind?), but once I slipped into this waist-whittling wonder garment and witnessed my body transform into a perfect hourglass silhouette (no sweaty gym session required) let’s just say I was a believer. Everything had fallen into place: no wrinkling, no pulling, no puckering. It was a miracle. Of course, getting in and out of said miracle-worker is definitely a job for two: one to hold it up and one to do up the long row of tiny clasps that snake down the back. Think of it as female-bonding time before your waiting carriage whisks you and your maids to the church. And it will be tight. It should be tight. But it will keep you standing (and sitting) straight well past your late night sweet table. You will float. You will ooze elegance. And your guests will never know your pretty little secret. That’s the power of magic. Ta-da!