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wbjune09_cavanaghI’m a lover of vintage clothing since way back, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than hitting the thrift stores in search of some hidden treasure. The result? My closet is nearly bursting with ’50’s frocks and Chanel-inspired tweeds. But I must say, it’s nice knowing you’ve uncovered something one-of-a-kind that can’t be found at the local mall. Hence, I’ve always thought the idea of wearing a vintage wedding dress is a good one—in theory. The reality is that most bridal gowns I’ve encountered in my years of rummaging are less than desirable for one of two reasons: A) They’re retro in a bad way (ie. poufy sleeves and too many sequins) or B) They’re a little worse for wear (wine stains and dirty hemlines are definitely signs of a raucous reception, but make for a dress that needs to be retired not recycled). My solution? Purchase a vintage pattern and have your dress made from scratch (with brand-new, pristine fabric) by a talented seamstress. I found this amazing 1960’s design at So Vintage Patterns. I adore the three-quarter sleeves and the cowl-neck, and the fact that it looks so thoroughly modern. It’s hard to believe this pattern is more than 40 years old!

Would you ever consider wearing a secondhand dress on your big day? What about having a dress made according to an old pattern?
I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. rosanne says:

    I have always thought it would be fun to buy several of those wild and crazy second hand dresses that are always hanging in value village and other shops and create my own version of the ideal vintage look for a wedding dress…cutting out the grass stained hems and wine accidents, i think it would be definitely a one-of-a-kind creation…something that Molly Ringwald from Pretty in Pink might do…imagine the fun of wearing such a collaboration…the prices are so low it would be worth the effort…

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