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Fashion & Beauty

Sensitive Skin Solutions

  |   By Stephanie Gray

For anyone who has sensitive skin you know how difficult it is to find products that aren't irritating. Often the criteria for products include: hypoallergenic formulas, no perfumes and no alcohol, as all can further exacerbate the condition. If you aren't a sensitive skin type, sun burns or chemical peels main be a reason to use a more delicate formula than usual. That's why I'm loving the new Tolérance Extrême line from Avène.


Sensitive Skin Solutions

In case you're unfamiliar with the brand, Avène is a French skincare line that uses thermal spring water as the basis to all of their products. The water, which was discovered in 1736 was acknowledged in 1874 by the French government to be of public benefit. What makes this water so special, and great for skin is that it has no bacteria, and a very low mineral content. If you haven't tried the Thermal Spring Water spray, you must. Great for a spring or summer wedding to refresh your skin. The two new products from the Tolérance Extrême line that are definitely worth checking out is their Cleansing Lotion and Cream. The formulas have minimal ingredients, making them very safe for the most sensitive of skin. Plus we can't get over the packaging. A worldwide first, the closure (where the cream dispenses) is completely sterile thanks to its patented closure system meaning no bacteria can get back in to affect the product! Perfect for travelling too. So if you're getting a pre-wedding chemical peel, are anticipating a honyemoon sunburn or just have sensitive skin, this line is perfect for you.

This article was originally published on Feb 18, 2010

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