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Sensible shoes? Or blister blues?


I'm loving these little peep toes gems from Lady Pearls.

What’s a girl to wear on her feet? Obviously, one must consider the venue. We’re on a farm so unless I want to be knee deep in cow patties I better consider my options.

Now, gum boots would be an excellent choice and an extremely cute option but on a hot August afternoon, they could also be deadly in the heat. Crocs might make sense but I’m not sure I’m ready to commit a fashion crime of this magnitude, no offence to Croc lovers out there. I could see myself in the sweetest little pair of vintage heels but realistically Tyler will have to carry me everywhere and as romantic as that may seem, it’s not very practical. Vintage flats, now there’s an idea, maybe I can get away with a slight kitten heel. So, what will you be wearing on your feet? If you’re not generally a pumps kind of girl don’t try to pretend you are on your wedding day. We’ve all worn spike heels once or twice and limped home, wincing with every agonizing step or worse, taken our shoes off in the street and walked home barefoot on the sidewalk. I say, let’s be smart this time around and feel comfortable, besides, your dress should be long enough to hide those sensible shoes.

Alison xo

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