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Scent-sible Packing

  |   By Alison McGill

I’m heading out for a weekend in cottage country, and last night I had to get the overnight bag in order. What is it about packing that makes me crazy?


Scent-sible Packing

Since we are driving, this pack was relatively low-stress, but next month I’ll be flying to both the Cayman Islands and Vancouver—I will definitely get my fair share of angst getting plane-ready for these jaunts. Honestly, my main stress comes in the liquids department. I have pretty much stockpiled travel sizes of my essentials—cleansers, moisturizers, hair stuff—but have until now been stuck stuffing a full-size fragrance in my suitcase because I didn’t have a great one packaged to go…and then this teeny, sleek and chic Prada Parfum de Sac landed on my desk. Stocked with three 10 ml bottles of the gorgeous Infusion d’Iris, this little guy is built to go and you can even clip it onto your purse to look extra-chic and über-worldly. A honeymoon must, I would say, and you can find it across Canada at Holt Renfrew.

This article was originally published on Jun 20, 2008

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