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Fashion & Beauty

Roller Girl

  |   By Alison McGill

I love a good roller set—there’s nothing quite like it for adding glamour to your hair. It’s been quite sometime since my hair has been long enough to wind around a the barrel of a curler and even though my short bob is the longest I’ve had my hair in years, it still is not quite ready for roller action.


Roller Girl

So when I received my very own set of these super-slick Kevin.Murphy Hair.Curlers ($36 at salons only) I was more than a little bummed I could not put them to the test. Thankfully, right across the desk from me sat the perfect head of hair for testing them on—WB’s Ms. Stephanie has perfectly rollerable hair. Unlike curlers of the past these little gems are a cinch to use—it’s easy to wind hair around them and fasten into place. They have teeny vents to allow air to circulate through hair and if you want to turn the blow-dryer on your curlers to speed drying time you will still have perfectly set waves. The curlers gave Stephanie’s straight, fine hair some sexy oomph and when she paired them with Kevin.Murphy Anti.Gravity volumiser lotion the result was heavenly hair! Pick these beauties up for the holidays and to have handy for all those pre-wedding parties where you need to look fab in a flash.

This article was originally published on Nov 18, 2009

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