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Rockin’ Your Dress


{Photography courtesy Luca Ragogna}

I’m not going to lie to you. Having a photographer follow me around on my wedding day made me feel so glam. Sounds silly, but it’s so true and I can confidently say that I’m sure 80% of you will feel the same way (to you other 20%—bless your humble little hearts). For many of us, our wedding day will be the one and only time we’ll get this sort of VIP treatment so we better enjoy it!

As I’ve often said, I think a great wedding photographer is worth its weight in gold. But don’t be afraid to inquire about exactly what sort of photo package you’re purchasing.  Sure, you know how many hours you have your lovely photog for…but have you discussed the types of photos you’d like? For my wedding, my photographer suggested that me and him should have a little one on one time to capture me and my dress before I got all sweaty on the dance floor or spilled a drink on myself (I’m a klutz!). Looking back, I’m so happy I have those photos. “Rock the Dress” or bridal shoots are another option that I’ve seen growing in popularity over at La Belle Bride. It’s a shoot scheduled a couple days before or after your wedding where you get some one on one time with your photographer to model that lovely wedding dress of yours. For brides on a serious budget, this may be a great way to still incorporate a professional wedding photographer into your day since bridal shoots tend to be considerably less expensive then all day wedding coverage. For brides looking to splurge a little, it’s a great way to commemorate your day and that perfect dress you adore.

{Photography courtesy Luca Ragogna}

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