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Fashion & Beauty

Red Alert

  |   By Alison McGill

I think I may have shared previously that I’m always hunting for the perfect lipstick. It’s a curious obsession I’ve had since I was about 13 and if you looked in my makeup bag(s) you would be hard-pressed to believe I didn’t have the perfect one in them. I think there are about 150 tubes of lip colour in stock right now, but none of them are “the one.”


Red Alert

I just added a couple of new tubes to my arsenal though, and I think one of them might just be the golden child. While taping the Steven and Chris Show last week, I was chatting with the makeup team from M.A.C., who were on set to beautify the models for our fashion segment, and became transfixed by this gorgeous ruby red shade worn by one of our brides and one of the M.A.C. artists. A few hours later the lippy was on my desk for me to sample and oh, what a beauty it is. Port Red is the shade and it’s part of M.A.C.’s just launched Naughty Nauticals summer collection. It’s a frost formulation, with just a hint of shimmer and one of those gorgeous reds that looks good on every skin tone—a crisp, clear rich ruby with a slight pink undertone. GORGEOUS! I think it’s a fabulous shade for all those pre-wedding parties you’ve got on your agenda and if you are a glamour girl, it’s definitely a hue to consider for your wedding day.

This article was originally published on May 05, 2008

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