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Fashion & Beauty

Rachel Zoe's Project

  |  By Stephanie Gray

Besides dressing Hollywood's A-list femmes, this svelte stylist also shares her hectic life and love for clothes in her latest endeavour—a reality series. For the most part the media has had a jolly good time ripping her apart—from her extremely thin figure to her diminishing skin elasticity—and don’t forget those nasty rumours about her dealing illegal drugs to her celeb clientele.


Rachel Zoe's Project

Despite all this (or maybe because of) I can’t get enough of the Zoe brand. I’m sure you’ve salivated over the outfits she’s thrown together for some of her “girls.” Jennifer Garner (pictured at last year’s Oscars), Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler, are amongst those pretty young things she’s helped land on the best-dressed lists and inside fashion mags.

You can see my glee then, when I heard she was making a reality show. I knew I had to tune in. Season one has already aired in the U.S., and currently it’s airing here on Cosmo TV every Monday. While I’m always interested, yet hesitant, to check out a new reality show, I was pleasantly surprised (and giddy) when Rachel and her two assistants joined me in my living room. Her love for clothes is unquestionable, her eye for co-ordinating outfits is perfection, and her relationship with her husband Rodger is just adorable! She says the only thing they fight about is her spending habits (do I even need to say what she buys?).

While Rachel has yet to style a bride, as far as I know, you can definitely take a cue from her stylish sensibility. You can absolutely translate her red-carpet looks into your W-day. Her book, Style from A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty and Everything Glamour, is a great reference for your pre-wedding soirees (hello, engagement party!). Next up is the Oscars! I die watching the red-carpet entrances and can't wait to see how she'll dress her girls.

What do you think about Rachel? Will you be tuning into her show? I'd love to know!

This article was originally published on Feb 06, 2009

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