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Proof That Sneakers Can Complete A Wedding Ensemble


Soft Pink Hi-tops

In recent years an increasing number of brides have been opting for functional footwear over sky-high heels. These days, bridal statement shoes can include everything from Manolos to Chucks!

Wedding sneakers are a great, comfortable alternative for brides who aren’t confident walking in heels. They’re also a fabulous way to add a whimsical pop of your accent colour into your wedding ensemble.

Some couples opt for matching kicks, while others wear different wedding sneakers in complementary colours. We’ve also seen die-hard sneaker fans ask their entire bridal parties to sport runners on the big day. From classic white Converse to blinged-out wedge sneakers and vibrant coloured Nikes, this trend lends itself well to an array of wedding themes — maybe that’s why all of these brides were sold on these rubber soles?!


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