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Fashion & Beauty

Pretty Jewellery

  |   By Stephanie Gray

Do you know what jewellery you're wearing on the big day? If not, let me tell you about an Ottawa jewellery designer I think you're going to love! Located in Ottawa, designer Sandy Schnierle started Blush Beads about a year ago and recently jumped into creating custom bridal jewellery after she became engaged and couldn't find any pieces that suited her style.


Pretty Jewellery

Her bridal work can be found at McCaffrey Haute Couture and Mia Bridal, both in Ottawa, as well as online. You can see her current pieces, as well as submit an order for a custom item. The clusters necklace pictured contains fresh water pearls and is on a sterling silver chain. Sandy also likes to use Swarovski Crystals, glass beads and semi precious stones. Another bonus, her pieces won't break the bank, which is also great if you're looking to buy gifts for your girls. The clusters necklace starts at about $65, up to $100-plus, depending on the material that she uses. If you go for a custom piece, you can outline in your order what your budget is too! We also like that she ships internationally, so no worries if you don't live in Ottawa.

This article was originally published on Jan 22, 2010

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