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Fashion & Beauty

Prep School

  |   By Michelle Rosen

Have I really not mentioned primer in an entry yet? Shame on me. Primer is a must. I start every single makeup application with a foundation primer. I know many women would never think of adding yet another product to their makeup routine, but as a makeup artist, any product that makes my job easier and helps my work look better, I cannot live without.


Prep School

The essential function of foundation primer is to prepare the skin for the foundation. It smooths out fine lines and large pores by lightly filling them in and creating a more flat, even canvas. Primer also helps to reduce shininess in oily skin types. In addition to the smoothing benefits it also helps keep your make up on longer, and what bride doesn't want in on that action? It acts as a base. Instead of the makeup absorbing into your skin, it adheres to the primer rather than the skin itself. Therefore using less foundation. To use, apply moisturizer as you would normally. Allow it a minute to penetrate into your skin. Then pour a little primer onto the back of your hand and use a sponge to blend and allow it to sink into your skin. Then apply your foundation as you would normally after the primer has set. Easy peasy. Done. Most lines now carry a primer, I have tried many of them and they all seem quite similar. I particularly love the Photo Finish Foundation Primer by Smashbox.

This article was originally published on Aug 05, 2009

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