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Planning Your Wedding Day Beauty Schedule

  |   By Nikki Strachan

The process of planning a wedding can be exhilarating, exciting and very much overwhelming. There is a key list of tasks you need to schedule leading up to on the day; one thing you may not have factored into your planning calendar is the day-of glam schedule for you, your bridal party and key family members. This is something you definitely need to flag with your wedding planner if it has not been tabled so you can figure out the best way to tackle getting everyone looking gorgeous and to getting them to your ceremony on time!

I am definitely a lover of a printed schedule for your wedding day so everyone knows where they are to be and at what time. You need to make sure to ask your hair and makeup artist how long she or he may take with each person and then start calibrating the timeline from there. Keep in mind a natural lit, bright set up is ideal for most artists so you want to create the schedule based on the best daylight hours.

Another tip on the day of is to appoint someone to be in charge of the beauty schedule—it most certainly should not be you, there’s enough going on for the bride! It’s important to keep things running on time and smoothly. Find your most organized friend and ask if she/he will do this for you. It will absolutely make your life on wedding day so much easier! I always think the best way to start wedding day beauty sessions is with the mothers of the bride and groom; move to bridesmaids, prioritizing those who may have children or expecting; MOH is next followed by you! Putting yourself at the end of the line guarantees your makeup will be super-fresh and fabulous for your walk down the aisle.

Nikki Strachan has been working at a professional makeup artist for over 14 years and is currently the key makeup artist for Your MorningThe Social and an instructor at Toronto’s George Brown College with a focus on bridal makeup. She has beautified numerous celebrities and brides and loves to bring a trend-focused eye to all her clients’ beauty looks. 

This article was originally published on May 15, 2019

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