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What Is Your Perfect Wedding Hair?

  |  By Alison McGill

Photography by Carlyle Routh. Hair by Tony MasciangeloAlcorn Hair/ Styling by Georgia Groom. Makeup by Sheri Stroh for The Detox Market/Plutino Group. Nails byJohn C. Nguyen for CND. First published in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Weddingbells, see story here.

Did you know there's an X variable which will ultimately dictate your wedding ‘do: hair texture? While there are many factors at play (your dress, your personality and your style preference) the natural texture of your hair is ultimately the most important one. Your stylist can manipulate your hair to look any which way you like, but the longevity of that style relies on the natural texture you begin with. We spoke to hair pro Tony Masciangelo, co-owner of Toronto’s Alcorn Hair and on-set regular with Weddingbells, to break down the finer points of natural hair texture and the wedding style that works best with each.

Fine Hair “This is definitely the most challenging hair type to work with when it comes to creating a style that will last all day,” Masciangelo says. “It typically does not hold curl or bounce well, so adding a lot of body to the hair with a blowout, curling irons and rollers is key. This hair texture works best when styled into a loosely pinned updo (I love a side-part with a bun or low chignon). To pump up volume and body, extensions can be added. I recommend going with glue-in ones to lessen any potential damage to hair. If you do choose the extension route, I love the look of a gorgeous, polished wave. Think Old-Hollywood glamour like Rita Hayworth or modern red-carpet-chic à la Blake Lively.”

Textured Hair “This is hair that is curly and may have a certain degree of frizz,” Masciangelo explains. “Environmental elements, such as humidity, need to be taken into account with this hair type when deciding on a look because humidity is not your friend! Expect hair to expand in the heat, which means frizz at the hairline is a factor if you are considering an updo. I love creating wedding styles with naturally textured hair because this hair type holds all my styling tricks. I work with texture as a styling base, and love adding more curls with a curling iron, then pinning up sections randomly to create a naturally elegant style.”

Thick Hair “This is one of the most difficult hair textures to work with simply because of the volume of hair you have,” Masciangelo shares. “It can be tricky to wrangle thick hair into an updo, as it can end up looking too heavy and awkward due to sheer bulk. With this texture,
I advise leaving hair down, waved, worn half up or lifted away from the face. I love a low ponytail for brides and this is the perfect hair type to create a sleek and sophisticated version. If you do want an updo, there are ways to cheat hair so it doesn’t appear as bulky. This is where we hairstylists work our magic, which we love to do with our beloved bridal clients!”

This article was originally published on Jul 02, 2019

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