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Party Must-haves

  |  By Tara Soloway

Although I often advise destination couples to steer clear of the traditional route and create a wedding unique to their vision, there are a few must-haves that really help pull a party together. Signature drinks are a definite must and there are so many reasons why. Not only is it a fun way to add another personal touch to your intimate affair, but offering only a limited selection of drinks adds sophistication. Narrowing down what you serve to guests is also a great way to save some dollars if you're facing a steep open bar charge.


Party Must-haves

Many brides and grooms choose a signature drink based on a personal connection to the wedding. I've seen colour themes (think blue curacao-infused martinis to match the sea, or pink lemonade served out of glass pitchers pre-ceremony on a hot afternoon), cultural themes (why not create a tequila-based cocktail if you're tying the knot in Mexico, or ditto for rum in the Caribbean), and often the drinks are simply the bride and groom's favourite drinks from home, which result in two great options for your guests—usually one sweet and one bitter.

I always recommend a signature non-alcoholic choice as well. Not everyone drinks, there are often children invited, and you never know what a few nights at an all-inclusive hotel can do to some of your guests (who will be enjoying the all-you-can-drink amenities). By the time of your wedding night, a nice cool fruit punch or sparkling grape juice might be just what the doctor ordered.

I've consulted with the wedding team at LUXE on some of their favourite signature drinks and the ones that have worked successfully at past weddings. If you want to stick with something simple, try adding a maraschino cherry or other tropical fruit to champagne or prosecco. Sarah says it adds a nice, tropical touch—don't you agree?

For something new and delicious, here’s a recipe for Lisa's favourite cocktail called "Raspberry Romance":

1 oz Baileys 1 oz Chambord 2 oz Milk

Shake over ice and pour into a martini glass.

Mojitos are also a great choice and the fresh mint always spruces up the look of a drink, and there’s nothing wrong with the old tried, tested and true cosmopolitan. It’s easy to make and nice to drink, especially at cocktail hour—this is Alysh's fave hands down.

Lastly, give some consideration to the glassware. I always like the look of a skinny, tall cylindrical glass with either a stir stick or straw. In this week's photo, you'll see an example of this look and in this case, the bride printed labels to attach to the stir sticks with a message to her guests. It's all about personalizing everything to make it your own affair.


Photography courtesy Mimmo + Naz.

This article was originally published on Feb 19, 2009

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