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Fashion & Beauty

Nude Shoes

  |  By Alison McGill

My dream nude Louboutin pumps.

Flesh tones are all the rage this season, especially when it comes to shoes. Nude heels not only look sexy, but also have a lengthening effect on legs—who doesn’t want legs that look like they go on forever?! Going nude is one of my favourite choices when it comes to wedding day footwear. I love the softness of the colour paired with white dress, plus buying your wedding shoes in a colour and style you’ll actually wear again is a major bonus. Since my wedding last year, for which I bought my first pair of Louboutins (black silk Simple 85 pumps), I’ve been eyeing the designer’s gorgeous nude patent ones in the same style. After many months of debate, I decided it was time to splurge on them…only to discover that by May, the colour and style was sold out for the season! If you were thinking you wanted Louboutin’s nude lovelies for your upcoming wedding, I think you’ll be out of luck (I’ve been told repeatedly that I have to wait until next spring).

I did however track down a very similar looking pair (a little higher and a little pointer) from none other than Aldo Shoes. At $80 these are a fraction of the Louboutin price, which means you can put the $600+ dollars you won’t be spending on your wedding shoes towards something else.

This article was originally published on Jun 11, 2010

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