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Must-See Engagement Rings Designed By Our Editors



Here at Weddingbells we see a lot of engagement rings. In fact, we’ve seen so many gorgeous pieces of jewellery over the years during our photo shoots and time spent combing through the country’s most stunning real weddings, that we’ve begun to fancy ourselves experts on swoon-worthy bling.

However, at this point we were pretty sure we’d seen it all, from traditional solitaires and halo settings to coloured stones and modern designs, so we were delighted when we were approached by Toronto-based mobile custom jeweller Diamond Duchess to design a line of exclusive engagement rings. The idea was to create a set of rings unlike any that we’d seen before with the help of Diamond Duchess’s president and principal designer, Danielle Salisbury. During the design process Danielle explained to us that creating custom jewellery doesn’t have to be intimidating. She brings her design software to clients’ home and offices and works with them to select the perfect GIA-certified diamond. She then guides them through choosing the appropriate metals, cuts and settings to complement each gem. Once the design is finalized rings are made in downtown Toronto in as little as 10 days. Diamond Duchess also loans out “stunt double” rings to grooms interested in having their fiancĂ©es participate in the design process.

To create our rings, we started by isolating five top bridal styles: budget-friendly/DIY, vintage, modern, luxe and traditional. We then looked to the red carpet as well as new trends in jewellery design to create our signature Weddingbells engagement ring collection. Read on to learn about the inspiration behind each piece and the approximate price point of each design. Then drop the hint by forwarding your favourite piece to the one you love.

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