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Morilee Designer Madeline Gardner's Secrets To Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

  |  By Alison McGill
Morilee Designer Madeline Gardner's Secrets To Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

Dress by Morilee. Photography by Ted Belton. Styling by Tara Williams. Hair by Tony Masciangelo, Alcorn Hair/ Makeup by Cia Mandrello, Nails by John C. Nguyen, CND. 

As one of the highlights of New York Bridal Fashion Week, the Morilee show always inspires and designer Madeline Gardner continuously strives to innovate the wedding dress with her feminine and modern designs. For the her latest collections the designer showcased a dazzling lineup of signature ballgowns (a personal favourite of hers as you will read below), soft sheath dresses and gowns crafted of classic bridal fabrics: lace, tulle and peau de soie. We chatted with Gardner about her creative process, where she sees the design style of gowns heading in the future and demystifies the science behind bridal gown sizing and why it's so different than regular clothing.

What is the style philosophy behind your latest Morilee collections? "I wanted to combine a very modern vibe with the romance of the wedding gown and all its details."

Who is the Morilee by Madeline Gardner bride? "The Morilee bride is confident, independent, understands her own style, wants great quality and embraces the details put into her gown."

Do you have a favourite dress in the collection? "It’s so hard to choose one favourite, but I always LOVE the sparkling ball gowns."

Morilee Designer Madeline Gardner's Secrets To Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress Morilee by Madealine Gardner Fall 2020.

 What is the most important thing a bride needs to consider when shopping? "I believe it’s so important to shop at a bridal salon. They are the experts and offer such great service and are so informative. Also, consider this an event that you want to remember forever, so make it fun and fabulous."

Today brides have so much choice when it comes to wedding dress styles and silhouettes. What are a few of your current favourite wedding dress trends that you see as being new classics? "I agree, the trends are so beautiful. As a designer, it gives me so much to offer. I love the soft silhouettes in luxurious English Net and the form fitting gowns with layers of lace and beading. The laces are so organic this season which add to the depth of the gown but also to the romance of it."

Can you talk a little bit about bridal sizing and how it works and is different than typical women’s fashion sizing? Bridal gowns really are on a sizing system of their own that can be a little unsettling if you are not prepared for a sudden jump in size. "Sizing is very different in bridal than that of ready to wear. It’s a fitted garment, so measurements are key in sizing. I often share this with my brides and ask them not to worry about the size, but rather be sure that the dress fits perfectly."

Morilee Designer Madeline Gardner's Secrets To Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

What are you seeing happening in the future of bridal fashion? Any trend forecasting you’d like to share? "I’m so excited for the return of the true ball gown and the pouf sleeves. 80’s inspiration is everywhere and I’ve added a bit of it into my new collections."

Complete this sentence: “You know you have found your dream dress when...." "You don’t want to take it off and it brings tears to your eyes. I’ve witnessed this moment endless times, it’s wonderful!!!!”  

Anything else you would like to add to the conversation? "I would love for my brides to know that each gown is designed with so much thought and effort to not only bring them new styles, but timeless designs that they will love forever! From sketch to dress is a process that evolves over time. It allows me to be so creative and share all these amazing details with my brides. I make every gown WITH LOVE."


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