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Why Meghan Markle’s New Eternity Band Is the Hottest Wedding Bling


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Meghan Markle returned from maternity leave to the royal spotlight for a few hours last weekend to celebrate the Queen’s birthday at Trooping the Colour. The most buzzed-about detail was not what the Duchess wore (custom Givenchy), but the subtle pave diamond ring tucked under her three-stone engagement ring and Welsh gold wedding band. The ring, it has been reported, was an anniversary gift from Prince Harry and it’s one of the most popular presents for milestone anniversaries. We spoke to Dalia Lash of Toronto’s Mark Lash jewelry to learn a bit more about this iconic ring and why it’s also a perfect choice for non-traditional engagement piece.

Can you share a little history on the eternity band?
“An eternity band—also known as an infinity ring—is circular and set with a continuous line of identical cut gemstones, usually diamonds, or precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires or a combination of stones. The history of the eternity band can be traced as far back as Egyptian times. They were said to offer the bands as a token of both eternal love and life. In the 1960’s, DeBeers developed and marketed the modern day eternity band, which has become the most popular choice to mark any milestone or occasion and has become the go-to wedding band. The continuous line of identical cut diamonds or gemstones symbolize the never ending love, making it the perfect celebratory gift.”

Photo courtesy of Mark Lash.

Are there different styles of eternity bands and what is currently the most popular?
“There are many styles of eternity bands. They can be created with any cut and size of diamond or gemstone. Traditionally, round cut eternity bands are the most popular style. One can create a unique band by designing and selecting their preferred shape, size, and diamond combination. Currently, baguette and emerald cut diamond eternity bands are on trend. There are a few ways one can create a beautiful eternity band, for example pave setting is a great way to set small diamonds, giving off a lot of sparkle, and a shared claw setting can maximize the brilliance of the diamond and reduce the amount of metal shown. When it comes to colour, platinum and white gold tend to be the most in demand. However, bands are usually selected based on the metal of one’s engagement ring.”

Photo courtesy of Mark Lash.

Is this a ring style some opt for instead of a traditional engagement ring?
“Some choose an eternity band as a commitment ring or as an alternative to a traditional engagement ring, as they feel it is more wearable, comfortable, and suitable to their day-to-day lifestyle. Alternatively, many choose to wear their eternity band along side their engagement ring or with their wedding band. Stacking eternity bands is very much in fashion, creating a unique look.”

Photo courtesy of Mark Lash.

As the eternity band is not a new ring style or tradition, why do you think the world is so enthralled with Meghan’s new bling?
“People are definitely interested in the Royals so it is no surprise that it was quickly spotted, all eyes were on her finger and the story behind her new ring!”


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