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Meghan Markle Just Changed Her Engagement Ring Setting—And You Can, Too

  |  By Alison McGill

Another precious detail has just emerged about Meghan Markle’s wedding bling. We have already dished about her new eternity ring, a gift from Harry on their first anniversary (Harry apparently also had his, Meghan and baby Archie’s birthstones set on the inside of the band...*swoon*). It seems that’s not the only new addition on Meghan’s ring finger—her three-stone engagement ring has been reset, the solid yellow gold band replaced with a micro-pave setting that matches her new eternity band beautifully. It’s been reported Harry (who designed the original setting) is also the mastermind behind this as he wanted the rings to compliment each other.

Given that Meghan’s engagement ring is not even two years old, does it seem early for an update? As it’s Harry who initiated the change, the switch of setting seems sweet and sentimental; but what if you find yourself in the situation of wanting to change your ring setting up but aren’t sure how to broach the subject without offending the presenter? We spoke to Toronto-based custom jeweller Elizabeth Wright of Elizabeth Wright Fine Jewellery for her thoughts on switching things up and how to have the chat.

How do you feel about changing up an engagement ring setting? Do you think that there's a set time period it's acceptable to do so in? “I always tell my clients, when it comes to jewellery, there are no rules! What matters most is you have something you love and feel joy from. One of the most wonderful qualities about the precious materials used in jewelry is the ability to rework them countless times! Modifications to bridal jewelry usually happen around an anniversary, but people grow and change throughout time, and updating your jewelry can be very symbolic of your growing relationship.”

In the case of Meghan’s reset, it’s said that Harry took this on himself to match her new eternity ring which is very sweet! “Harry clearly enjoys being involved in the jewellery design process, having put such thought and consideration into the engagement ring and eternity band. I think this is yet another example of how in love he is with Meghan. I personally love the new modifications to her ring.  Adding pavé diamonds gives her ring a modern update and provides texture and contrast with her wedding band. Plus, there is never anything wrong with more sparkle! I expect Meghan will continue to influence fashion and jewellery trends. We have certainly seen this in the last year with the popularity of the three-stone engagement ring.”

For brides to be, if you are presented with an engagement ring and you would like to tweak certain elements about it, how do you have that conversation? “This can be a very delicate subject. Start by acknowledging the thought and care that was put into the ring. If it’s not immediately clear, talk with your partner about why they chose the ring. You may find that the sentiment and consideration behind the design affects your opinion. If you still wish to tweak the design, politely tell your partner how you feel. If the ring doesn’t feel like you or you think it could be better with some minor changes, be honest. Lastly, you can let them know how trilled and lucky you feel. After all, you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with your partner. Having conversations like this will strengthen your communication as a couple and will be great practice for a happy marriage!”

This article was originally published on Jul 02, 2019

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