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Making The Perfect Ring

  |  By Asmahan Garrib

High-profile engagement rings run the gamut. From Meghan Markle’s three-stone sparkler, to Elizabeth Taylor’s 29.4-carat emerald-cut diamond that she nicknamed her "ice skating rink". What these iconic pieces of jewellery have in common is that they perfectly suited the brides that wore them. Similarly, your own engagement ring should be timeless and perfect for you.

With so many diamond shapes, engagement ring settings and different metals available, it can be difficult to decide on the ideal ring. While everyone’s preferences are different, you've got a unique personality and your own signature style, so you’ll want your engagement ring to reflect both.

Use this guide to determine your bridal style, then drop the hint by sharing your preferences (and ring inspo Pinterest board) with your significant other.

Athletic, Active Brides Always on the go, you are the kind of woman who likes to get her hands dirty. Perhaps you never pictured yourself with a flashy diamond ring, because you would need a ring that keeps pace with your passions. Don’t shy away from an engagement ring because you don’t always dress up or even wear a lot of jewellery; you can find a ring to fit your personality.

A solitaire diamond in a bezel, tension or flush ring setting in platinum might be what you’re searching for. These chic, unique and modern settings hold the diamond or diamonds safely and securely and when crafted in a white metal, the band can create the illusion that the diamond is larger than it actually is. Platinum is the perfect material for your engagement ring as it is extremely strong, will never fade and is difficult to damage, so other than cleaning, no maintenance is required. The silvery white colour of this very rare and very pure metal is suitable for all skin tones, and if a solitaire is too much bling, you might prefer a simple band with multiple smaller flush-mounted diamonds—providing an elegant look without too much glitz.

Artistic, Free Spirited Brides

Impetuous and imaginative, you like to experiment with fashion and march to the beat of your own drum. You might want to consider a pear cut diamond. With its bewitching teardrop shape, it is an outstanding choice to maximize brilliance and makes for a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. In a tension setting, your ring would be extremely unique; instead of using prongs to secure your diamond, it holds a center stone in place using pressure. This creates the illusion that the stone is floating. Bonus: since the design allows light to pass through it from all angles, the sparkle is maximized.

Also consider the halo design, which includes smaller diamonds encircling a center stone. It will shine at every angle and make a noticeable statement. For the band itself, consider palladium; a naturally white metal with a very high percentage of purity when used in jewellery. As it is newer to the bridal sector, not all craftsmen are experienced in working with it, so the variety of designs made in palladium is more limited -- making it all the more covetable.

Classic Brides Your friends likely describe you as elegant and sophisticated. You enjoy the simple things in life, like family and hikes with your dog, but you also like a little glamour and glitz. You have been dreaming of a traditional wedding for as long as you can remember, with personalized details that will make it all your own.

For you, a cushion or princess cut diamond solitaire is ideal. These elegantly-shaped diamonds offer optimum sparkle and are popular for timeless engagement rings. If you want a ring that stands the test of time, opt for a prong-set solitaire, which is as classic as it gets. You might also want to go for a white gold channel band for some extra pizzazz—but with enough charm to stand out on its own (just like you).

Modern Brides You enjoy the spotlight and are a bit of an influencer. The marquise shape is a luxurious oval diamond with tapered, pointed ends and a great choice for the woman with discerning tastes—those who skew classic with an edge. Its refined curves and elongated shape are also extremely flattering. You might want to opt to have your band made from palladium—an extremely lustrous white metal that complements any complexion.

You could also consider a sparkler with a radiant cut centre stone. This is a cuboid diamond that combines the shape of an emerald cut, with the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond and its triangular and kite shaped facets give the diamond intriguing depth and further enhance its natural beauty. This kind of diamond is made even more glam when complemented by a twisted pavé band and a rose gold metal for a contrast of color.

Retro Brides You’re not cookie-cutter, and you love having retro silhouettes and details in your jewellery collection and your closet. Choose a design that embraces femininity with delicate sparkle, floral motifs, and/or rich colour and select a band that combines different metals. A vintage look speaks to any romantic's heart. Whether it's an antique ring full of history or a vintage-inspired sparkler, the elaborate motifs, intricate engraving, swelling curves, and geometric patterns that often characterize vintage rings are right up your alley.

With its rectangular shape and history dating back to at least the 15th century, an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring is classic yet unexpected. The long and elegant rectangle shape not only make fingers look slender, their graceful shape and shallow crown perfectly accentuate the diamond’s colour and clarity. Asscher cuts also have an old-world sophistication. The cut was a hallmark of the '20s and '30s and has a distinct Art Deco feel.

While a classic colourless diamond will always work, don’t be surprised if your eyes are drawn to a coloured diamonds as well. Your band could be made from yellow gold or a mixture of metals. Yellow gold is a traditional choice, which lends itself particularly well to classic and vintage-style diamond engagement rings.

Sophisticated Brides You love to debate and can’t resist new challenges, you are smart, curious, extroverted, popular, and always eager to help. You skew trendy, spontaneous and confident. A princess cut diamond exudes the liveliness of a round diamond combined with the modern square shape of an emerald diamond. This is the best of both worlds for the girl who’s up for anything! An oval diamond might also catch your eye because they flatter most finger shapes and are an elegant choice for many ring styles.

The prong setting is ideal for your personality. Sometimes referred to as a solitaire, or claw setting, it is the classic ring setting for a diamond engagement ring and puts the diamond at the heart of the ring. The claws or prongs that secure the diamond allow light to travel through it, maximising beauty and sparkle. Four- and six-prong settings are the most popular, each with its own look: four-prongs add a geometric appearance while six add a more floral or lace-like flourish.

You might also gravitate towards a channel ring setting, where smaller diamonds are set into a groove, or channel, in the band of the ring so that a thin metal strip is visible on either side. Because the diamonds are extremely secure, there is less risk of them getting caught or snagging and it ends up a very sleek, sophisticated design. Palladium or rose gold are excellent, trendy but never tiresome band metals that flatter and heighten the beauty of your diamond or diamonds.

Romantic Brides Romantics are very passionate people. Though you are adaptable and idealistic about the future, you likely don’t like the spotlight turned towards you. You are a woman who loves classic love stories and you're proof that romance isn’t generic. You likely favour classic cuts and will fall head over heels for a dreamy sparkler. Try a pear-shaped diamond turned on its side for a unique option. You also might want to consider a heart-shaped diamond...because you can't get much more romantic than wearing your heart on your ring finger. When you promise your heart to your one true love, what could be a more iconic symbol of that romantic gesture than a heart-shaped diamond?

The Forevermark Setting in white gold might also catch your eye. The signature setting from Forevermark, it is inspired by the shape of the Forevermark icon and is the ultimate in simple, classic elegance. The four-pronged mount delicately cradles the diamond at its center and is a design specially created to allow maximum light to travel through the diamond. Pair this setting with a band of white gold for the ultimate swoon-worthy piece of jewellery.

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This article was originally published on Aug 15, 2018

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