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Made-to-Order Romance

  |   By Alison McGill

I just read a feature in the Toronto Star, which profiled one of the sweetest gigs in the travel industry today: the romance concierge. It seems more and more resorts now have a Cupid on the payroll, a special someone who is professionally in the know about romance and exactly what it takes to make it happen while staying at their resort property.


Made-to-Order Romance

When Rosie visited the renowned Half Moon in Jamaica back in November, she came back telling me all about their romance concierge and what a cool idea it was. As outlined in the article I read in the Toronto Star, hotels in New York, Bermuda and Montreal also have a love specialist in-house. When researching your honeymoon destination, check to see if the resorts you’re considering have one. How fabulous would it be to have an expert plan the ultimate love-in for you? While I’m on the subject of travel, I’m off to soak up some Florida sun—see you back here on March 9th.

Photo courtesy Half Moon (

This article was originally published on Feb 20, 2009

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