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Fashion & Beauty

Mad Men's Janie Bryant Talks Wedding Dresses

  |  By Nicole Keen

Photo courtesy AMC.

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Janie Bryant (the fashion mastermind behind Mad Men), and I was beyond thrilled to learn that she absolutely loves wedding dresses! As soon as I mentioned I worked for a bridal magazine, Janie's eyes lit up: "I would wear a wedding dress every day if I could," she exclaimed. Obviously, Janie is one stylish lady—she makes Betty, Joan and Peggy (see left) look fabulous season after season, so I just had to ask what her dream wedding dress would look like. After deliberating for a moment, Janie replied: "It would have a BIG skirt, or maybe it would be all lace like Grace Kelly's...or maybe I'd wear something crazy like a red dress!" For the record, Janie was wearing a ravishing red St. John gown at the time, so I think she might have been onto something! With Janie's criteria in mind, I've selected the following three options. Which dress is your favourite? Decisions, decisions...

This article was originally published on Feb 04, 2011

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