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Love is in the Air

  |   By Roseanne Dela Rosa

Soooo…it’s Cupid’s week! The days leading up to Valentine’s Day can be hit or miss—you either love it or you don’t. I personally enjoy it, and while a lot of my friends complain that it’s just another Hallmark day, I think it’s a nice reminder to show your loved ones—especially your significant other—that you care.


Love is in the Air

So in the spirit of Saint Valentine, I’ll be posting Valentine-inspired wedding ideas all week. Obviously, I absolutely had to start the week off on a sweet note by recommending these message cookies from Williams-Sonoma ( They are a limited edition and come in a set of nine with cute inscriptions written all over them: “kiss me,” “flirt,” “love,” and “cute.” Although they won’t be available after V-day, I’d definitely print this off for inspiration to show your cake designer. It might even be fun to play around with the words and have your fave songs or sayings imprinted on cookies. Some of my all-time quotes consist of “whatever” and “dude,” which are, er, not very romantic—so in my case I think I’ll stick to the love tunes.

This article was originally published on Feb 09, 2009

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