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Fashion & Beauty

Love for Doves

  |   By Stephanie Gray

One jewellery store that always makes my day is Tiffany's. Recently I had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at their upcoming Paloma Picasso collections and fell in love with the dove pendants.


Love for Doves

The collaboration comes at a special time, as this year marks 30 years that the two have worked together. Doves are particularly special to Paloma, as her name translated means "dove" in Spanish and it took her a long time to develop what is now the final shape. If you turn the dove on its side you'll notice it looks like an angel. I think these doves are so pretty and would be an amazing bridesmaid gift for your girls. My personal favourite is the rose gold pendant, which is a metal that I suspect we're going to see much more of. They also offer the necklaces in sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold with diamonds. Priced at $180 and up, the pendants, as well as the rest of the collections will be available come spring.

This article was originally published on Mar 03, 2010

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