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Little Mosque's Big Wedding

  |   By Nicole Keen

Rayyan (played by Sitara Hewitt) and Amaar tie the knot!

The Royal Wedding is on our radar at the moment (big time!), but did you know there's another major union in the works? This Monday (March 28th) Little Mosque on the Prairie characters Rayyan and Amaar will say "I do," and Sitara Hewitt (who plays Rayyan on the show) assures me there's a big surprise in store! This afternoon, I had a chance to speak to Sitara about this very special episode, and I also gained some valuable insight into how Rayyan's unique wedding outfit (pictured left) evolved.


Little Mosque's Big Wedding

Rayyan, who is a devout Muslim, dresses modestly (her hair, ears, neck, arms, legs and feet are always covered), but she also believes that a woman should feel attractive and empowered---especially on her wedding day. Thus, the perfect bridal look for Raayan had to strike a balance between fashion and appropriateness (according to Islamic tradition), notes Sitara. Interestingly, Rayyan’s wedding outfit was partially determined by the show's writers and producers who decided that Rayyan would wear her mother’s wedding dress. Rayyan’s mother was raised as an Anglican; therefore, her wedding dress was ivory lace, which then had to be adapted for an Islamic ceremony. Sitara worked closely with costume designer Resa McConaghy to tailor the lace dress to suit Rayyan. The two also collaborated on an extra-special hijab for the wedding. Sitara shares that the hijab can be worn in a variety of different ways, and is a symbol of immense importance to Muslim women. "The hijab is both a fashion statement and a statement of faith," says Sitara. Inspired by one of the show's writers, Sadiya Durrani, Sitara settled on a floral fabric and created a hijab that she likens to "an updo with a bit of a gypsy flair." All in all, Rayyan makes a beautiful bride, and I can't wait to see how the wedding unfolds.

Tune in Monday, March 28th at 8 p.m. on CBC.

This article was originally published on Mar 24, 2011

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