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Fashion & Beauty

Kiss-Proof Lippy

  |   By Alison McGill

There’s nothing a guy hates more than coming in for a smooch only to be left with a mess of goopy gloss or creamy lipstick on his face. Heard this complaint before? Well, since we are coming up into the season of love (Valentine’s is 20 days away) we thought it was time to track down a bulletproof lip colour that won’t smear, smudge or kiss off, and we found one that lasts, yes honestly, 16 hours!


Kiss-Proof Lippy

A package of Cover Girl Outlast All-Day Lip Colour landed on my desk last week with claims that it would stay fresh through breakfast, lunch and dinner, so we here at WB put it to the test and the results were unanimous—the colour did not budge and kept lips looking bright and fresh from dawn ’til dusk. I think Nicole sums it up best:

"At first I was a little worried this super-duper lipstick would dry out my already winter-ravished lips, but as it turns out, it slides on smooth, and the topcoat is ultra-moisturizing with a fresh, fruity flavour. Plus, any lipstick that can survive my two-a-day coffee habit (without messing up the rim of my mug!) is definitely a keeper!"

I insist you make this lippy a W-day must! Visit for more info.

This article was originally published on Jan 25, 2008

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