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Fashion & Beauty

Juicy Tubes Go Natural

  |  By Stephanie Gray

Did you know Juicy Tubes is celebrating its 10th anniversary? It's hard to think it's already been that long since the yummy glosses hit the beauty scene. When I bought my first tube it was a splurge for me at the time and I was obsessed. Today I have even more reason to be obsessed as Juicy Tubes has also gotten a makeover, both inside and out.

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has joined forces with Lancôme, designing five different colourful and vibrant motifs inspired by nature for each of the colours. Another bonus? The glosses will be 100% natural origin with ingredients like shea butter and honey. Natural colouring agents were also used to create the shades of honey, rose, apricot, rapsberry and hazelnut. Also the glosses come in eco-friendly packaging. We love that you can be stylish and good to the earth at the same time! If you've never used Juicy Tubes the accompanying scent is also so delicious - the kind that smell good enough to eat.

These glosses are only going to be out for a limited time, at Lancôme counters for $22 starting this spring. What a cute treat for your girls and one for you wouldn't hurt either!

This article was originally published on Mar 10, 2010

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