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Is It Okay For A Bridesmaid To Wear Her Dress Before The Wedding?

  |  By Jen O'Brien
Is It Okay For A Bridesmaid To Wear Her Dress Before The Wedding?

We recently asked our Facebook followers whether or not it's okay for ladies in the bridal party to wear their gowns before the main event. Here's what they had to say:

No, I want it to be a surprise for the guests as well and if they have already seen what the girls are wearing then it won't be as special. I would be flattered though that my dress was such a nice pick that my girls were able to wear it other places. - Sara Carlson

Before? No. But the dress should be something that they can get as much wear out of afterward as possible to justify the expense. - Meredith Hall Tilley

Umm no, in case it gets dirty. - Rhonda Km

I agree with the other ladies, if you've already worn it you won't get the buzz of wearing your new dress and it won't feel as special. - Elisa Amy

Not a chance!!!! Crazy idea and would really upset me!!!!! - Liz Daluz

I vote yes, why the hell not, it's only a dress! - Maxine Elliott

I think it depends on the reason she's wearing it, If it's to get used to it and feel comfortable yes, If it's a night on the tiles then no! - Bespoken For

Why not...freakin bridezillas chill-out..its no wonder us women give WOMEN bad names like CRAZY, Demanding, etc. Unless u are paying for it what is the big deal, its a freakin dress that they bought...Though my wedding was also relaxed and didn’t care what ppl wore, I was marrying a great man and celebrated with great friends and family why demand or want anything less?!?!? Re-evaluate your priorities. It’s not your dress she would be wearing. - Jillian Dale

No way. It kinda defeats the purpose if its already worn - Natasha Zenner

I can't believe the number of brides that said "no way!".. Your bridesmaids are paying a lot of money for that dress and they own it, so they can wear it when the want. I want my bridesmaids to get as much use out of theirs as possible because I'm sure they will cost a lot of money. - Kate McDiarmid

I have no issue with them wearing the dress before. However, I have heard of a couple ladies destroying their dress before the wedding with stains that could not be removed and it was too late to get a new one ordered. So really it is a risk if it gets damaged... - Jenilee R

I told my girls to just wear something black and they wore regular black dresses. One was from their closet and the other bought a new one. So yeah, one of my friends wore her bridesmaid many times before ;) - Christina Hiebert

I would say yes, but hope they didn''s that new feeling.....we all like putting something new on especially when we look fantastic. - Shannon Black

If they wanted to wear it before, it wouldn't have mattered to me. I would've been honoured if they'd worn it! If they had gotten it dirty before the wedding, it would've been up to them to figure it out. - Thalia Gray Kadiata

Wearing it prior to the wedding day might mean the bride loses the mystique of unveiling her gown and her bridal party on the big day... but we're all for making sure bridesmaids dresses get worn again! P.S. Does it change anything if she's paying for it? - SmartBride Boutique

My bridesmaids all wore dressed they already owned (except one, and that was her choice). Why not? - Allana Robinson

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This article was originally published on Aug 04, 2011

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