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Fashion & Beauty

Is Bruce Oldfield Kate's Dress Designer?

  |   By Alison McGill

{A classic Bruce Oldfield wedding gown.}

That is the latest Royal buzz on who will design Ms. Middleton's wedding dress. According to the Daily Mail, bookmakers have received the strongest indication yet that a designer for the gown has been chosen, and that designer is British born Bruce Oldfield. Reportedly bookmaker Paddy Power has received so many wagers on Oldfield to design the Royal wedding dress, it has suspended betting. So just who is Bruce Oldfield? Born in 1950, he is a favourite designer of celebs including Sienna Miller, Barbara Streisand, Catheine Zeta Jones, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Queen Rania of Jordan, and most importantly, the late Diana, Princess of Wales. His bridal collections are glorious and gorgeous, stunning confections that are most certainly fit for a princess (and in this case future queen). See his collection and learn more about him on his website,

This article was originally published on Dec 02, 2010

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