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Inbal Dror Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses


When you think of the Mediterranean Sea, visions of crystal clear water, balmy weather and days of relaxation likely come to mind. To designer Inbal Dror, the allure of the Mediterranean also provides ample inspiration for her fall 2019 bridal collection.

“To me, the Mediterranean Sea is so inspiring,” says Dror. “Its beaches, the freedom, the lightness. I love it so.” Her love of the sea and its surroundings clearly shines through her work in this beautiful collection of beach-ready bridal gowns. Titled Capri, there are plenty of options on hand for likeminded beach lovers.

Tiered ruffles and gauzy layers worn over beaded bodysuits conjure images of the glistening waves and foamy tide. Crochet accents add a charming handcrafted feel to the gowns, while fine gauge lace adds sophistication to the overall beachy feel. Tulle and silk in sheer fabrications are a major theme that ties the Capri collection together, making sure that every Inbal Dror bride dressed in one of these gowns has all eyes on her.


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