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How to Wear a Tiara

  |   By Alison McGill

Thanks to Zara Phillips and Kate Middleton, tiaras have officially become one of the it bridal accessories of 2011. There are few other days in a girls life when a tiara is a viable style option, so choosing one for your wedding day seems like a fabulous idea to us. When it comes to wearing crown jewels though, there are a few key things to consider—here’s four of the most important.


How to Wear a Tiara

1.    Hair should be worn up. In the case of Zara Phillips, she wore her goldilocks upswept into a chic chignon so her mother’s Greek Key tiara was front and centre. Kate went for the same effect with her demi-chignon by having the front and sides swept away from her face. It’s just what princesses do darlings.

2.   The size of your tiara must complement your hair. If you have a big, voluminous topknot, go with a bigger tiara to balance your ‘do. For finer hair textures, consider a delicate, teeny mini tiara with a vintage vibe. If you don’t want a tiara with a lot of height, consider a modified version fashioned as a sparkly hair band. It will give you bling, but not full-on razzle-dazzle.

3.   Make sure your tiara works with your dress. Both Kate and Zara had no embellishments on their dresses, which is why their tiaras looked so stunning. If you have a very detailed dress (ie. crystals, sequins, feathers, flowers), a glittering tiara may push your look over the top. We like keeping it simple.

4.   Limit other wedding accessories. If you chose to wear a tiara, know that this is your big statement piece. All other jewelry should be kept to a minimum. A strand of pearls, a simple one carat diamond pendant, or dainty drop earrings à la Zara and K. Mid are perfect options.

This article was originally published on Aug 05, 2011

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