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How To Properly Select Bridal Hair Accessories

Wedding Hair Accessories - Combs

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Wedding hair accessories can look amazing, but few people instinctively know which designs will work best for their particular shape, style and texture of hair. New York-based hair accessory queen Jennifer Behr, who has created pieces for everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Katy Perry, recently made an appearance at White Toronto to unveil her 2016 collection and we sat down with the designer for some tips on how to properly select bridal hair accessories.

“A lot of girls wait until the last minute to decide on one, but your headpiece is actually the accessory that will be seen the most on your wedding day — way more than your shoes,” says Behr. “You should consider your dress, headpiece and jewellery in tandem and have it on hand for your hair trial — that way your stylist can work with the piece to find the correct hairstyle.”

Ready to start your search for the perfect wedding hair piece? Read on for Behr’s breakdown of the most popular bridal hair accessories and which hair types and updos they complement.

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