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How To Guarantee Your Wedding Day Is Your Best Hair Day Ever

  |  By Alison McGill

Jamiee Lupton, MONDAY Haircare founder & director.

“The power of a good hair day should never be underestimated!” says Jamiee Lupton, founder and director of the just-launched in Canada, New Zealand-based MONDAY Haircare. “I’m a huge believer that every person, no matter their story, should be entitled to look and feel good. In fact, the name MONDAY plays into the idea of starting the week right with a great hair day.”

Lupton’s MONDAY Haircare currently features a lineup of four shampoos and conditioners—Smooth, Moisture, Gentle and Volume—which target variety of hair types and scalp issues. Formulas are paraben and SLS free, cruelty free and feature the slickest pink packaging (all made from recycled plastic). Lupton says the idea for MONDAY Haircare started in 2019 with her making a blueprint to create a luxury haircare line that was results-driven and affordable (product prices start at under $5!). “I was spending a huge amount of money on hair products each month and found it challenging that I could not find amazing shampoos and conditioners at a reasonable price.”

As a firm believer in a good hair day, we asked Lupton for her tips to ensure your wedding is your ultimate good hair day. Here’s her five tips to guarantee your hair is gorgeous and glorious for your day

Treat your hair. After shampooing your hair, hop out of the shower and generously apply conditioner throughout your hair, focussing on the mid lengths and ends (MONDAY’s Moisture Conditioner is perfect!). Take a small towel, roll it up and wet it thoroughly. Pop it in the microwave for three minutes until it’s piping hot. Shake the towel to cool it a little. Once a comfortable temperature, wrap it tightly over your hair and fasten with a clip. Cover in a dry towel, and let the steam infuse moisture into your hair. Wait five minutes, and remove once the towel is at room temperature. Rinse your hair free of conditioner and enjoy your silky smooth locks.

Trim those split ends! Hair splits faster than it grows, so if you’ve noticed split ends forming at the end of your hair strands, it’s time for a trim. This is especially important if you’re aiming to grow your hair longer and maintain optimal hair health. For most people, a minimal trim of the ends every three or four months is perfect.

Make a plan for colour appointments. I recommended planning your hairstylist up to six months in advance of your wedding. Together you can work towards your wedding hair goals and be set for the big day.

Consider some layers with your length. If you have long hair and want to wear it down for your wedding, consider getting some subtle layers cut in. This will help add volume and bounce to waves or curls on the day. If you’re wearing your hair up, some shorter pieces framing the face are a nice way of softening an up-do.

Turn down the heat. If you’re a regular user of hot tools (hairdryer, irons, tongs), try turning the heat down on your appliances. Often the maximum heat is much higher than you really need to achieve your desired look and can cause unnecessary damage to the lengths of your hair.


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